Post Schedule

In order to make the best use of my time and yours, as well as keep things interesting, I have put together a schedule for the blog.

This will be especially helpful if you are looking for a certain type of review.

My goal is to eventually meet this schedule every week, but there may be a few gaps here and there, especially as I am just getting rolling!

A Wee Bit Bookish Post Schedule

Mindful Monday - Review of any nonfiction work, old or new, including poetry, art, biographies, hobbies, etc.

Travel Tuesday - Highlighting a book that takes you somewhere else, either literally about travel or a new place, or simply a book that takes you there in your mind in a way that you experience a new place or culture.

Whippersnapper Wednesday - A day to introduce or review a work of children's literature.

Throwback Thursday - Review of an older title and why it is a worthy read.

Fiction Friday - Review of a new or upcoming fiction release.

Keep a look out for link-ups and giveaways as well, and please spread the word! Invite your friends! and share your thoughts, favorites, and ideas in the comments!