Guidelines Page

I love to read, and I love to talk about what I read, and I love to share with others recommendations to read!

I am more than happy to review and/or promote your book!

I have a few guidelines and restrictions. These apply across the board for all books or writings for review, promotion, guest posts, blog tours, etc.

1.)   I WILL NOT read or promote: Romance Novels, Erotica of any kind, books of a homosexual nature, nor books that glorify immoral behavior especially teenage sex, sex before marriage, or adultery, Magic or books dealing with The Occult, Wizards, Witches, Faries, etc., Horror, Vampires, Zombies, or books that glorify violence. These genre's need not apply.

2.)   I will read, review and promote almost any other genre and category, though each book will be screened and up to my discretion. If while reading, I find a book compromises the above standards, or I simply feel the content disturbs my conscience, I reserve the right not to finish the book, and will alert the author or promoter before I write any sort of review.

3.)   I welcome works of non-fiction, travel books, history, science, nature, photography, gardening, or other hobbies. Also books of Poems, essays, personal histories, or other non-standard fiction and non-fiction. Books related to health, wholesome eating, mental health, and other medically related works are welcome as well, especially those related to depression, Bipolar, and various related conditions.

4.)   I have children on the Autism Spectrum. I would happily review and promote books that help advocate for individuals on the spectrum, but I will be very frank in my reviews if I do not feel these are in the best interest of Autistic individuals and their families and support networks.

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I can't wait to work with you!

See you between the pages!